The Winning Formula

The services we provide come from nearly 30 years of practical business experience.  The breadth of our expertise allows us to work with you on the strategies needed to exceed your goals.  Choose the service below that best fits your needs or we can create a plan that utilizes a combination of plans that will ignite your success.
Public Speaking

Steve is a dynamic Motivational Speaker who can speak to your team, company or conference about topics such as Sales Success, Motivation, Self-Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and more. As a keynote speaker, Steve has spoken to Small Business Networking Groups, Owners and Entrepreneurs as well as Sales Organizations of various sizes.


Steve's innate ability to inject humor along with his depth of expertise will insure that the audience will be entertained AND inspired at the same time. Audiences have commented about Steve's ability to personalize his presentations and make each keynote feel like a "Command Performance!"

Small Business Development

Every Small Business has goals and every business owner has a dream.  If you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business today is your lucky day!  Your coach will hep you sharpen your skills and exceed your goals.

Being in business FOR yourself doesn't mean you have to do it BY yourself!

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is the relationship between two or more people who work together to implement a process designed to produce extraordinary results.

You and your coach work together in a private, confidential, environment which will help you learn about yourself and clearly define the goals that you have set.  

Conversation, open-ness and objectivity are the hallmarks of our coaching sessions.  I learn as much from you as you will learn abouty yourself. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation, session today.

Personal Brand Management

In the game of life, you are your brand!  The people you meet each day determine when/if they will do business with you within the first few minutes of your introduction.

I will work with you to learn how to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. you will learn how to create DYNAMIC first impressions and shorten the distance between introduction and acquisition!

Business Consulting

The value of a good Business Consultant lies in his ability to help you step back and take a look at your business through a fresh set of eyes. Business owners are often so engrossed in the overall operation of their business that they fail to look at the big picture!  

I will work with you to freshen your perspective and reinvigorate the PASSION that led to the founding of your company in the first place.

Team Building

A good team is only as strong as its weakest link! Diversity and individual personalities are two factors that can strengthen a team while simultaneously working against it.

Team Building gives the individual the ability to FOCUS and understand the team's collective strength while giving everyone a 360 degree view of the organization.

Together Everyone Acheives More!

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